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Creative Use of Digital Media in the Primary School – Scheme 1 Introductory Support


AmmA Creative Learning Centre [CLC] continues to work with teachers and young people to develop ways in which digital technology can be used creatively to facilitate learning across a range of curriculum areas.  In addition, these experiences also address the CCEA ICT Accreditation scheme across a range of the features at all levels.


Identifying Schools to Support:

AmmA CLC offers a number of support pathways in relation to digital media.  Each year we offer a range of professional development opportunities through courses hosted in AmmA.  We also facilitate whole staff INSET training opportunities and can tailor these to the demands of the schools involved.  However, our most valued support activities are our Scheme 1 (Introductory Support) and Scheme 2 (Partnership School) programmes.


Scheme 1 – Introductory SUPPORT:

Our introductory support programme has been specifically designed for classroom teachers who want to advance their use of digital media or digital storytelling in the classroom.  The programme will provide teachers with the training, resources, equipment and support necessary to plan and deliver a bespoke digital media project in their classroom, supported by our personnel.  Teachers will participate in a 2-day intensive training course hosted in our Digital Studio and this will be followed up by a full day of in-school support.  Capacity building is a key element of this scheme of support and schools involved will be given priority in becoming ‘Partnership Schools’ in the 2017/18 academic year.  Places are limited.


Any support work undertaken by the AmmA Centre will have a clear curriculum focus with a particular emphasis on literacy, numeracy and STEAM.  There are also opportunities to address the CCEA Accreditation tasks.



Use the expression of interest form to apply for Scheme 1 – Introductory Support.  Schools that use this process and are successful in their application will get priority support from the AmmA Centre.  If there is oversubscription for places, criteria will be applied for short listing.  Expression of interest forms should be returned to the AmmA Centre by post, fax or email by 10th June 2016.   Email: / Post: AmmA Centre, Market House, Market Street, Armagh, BT61 7BU / Fax: 028 3751 2927.


Details on courses for 2016/17 will be on the AmmA website early September.  If you require any further information please contact the Centre on 028 3751 2920.


Yours sincerely

Averil Morrow                                                                             Daniel O’Reilly

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& Director of AmmA                                                                  AmmA Centre


Comment from teachers involved in previous Primary Partnership School Programme


When the teachers of the primary schools involved were asked how the Primary Partnership School programme contributed to their professional development, responses included:  Having ‘taught’ the content in the more traditional manner, this showed me a much fresher way to allow pupils to undertake project work.  It was so engaging, multi sensory and exciting for the children. It facilitated pupils taking ownership of the work and forced me as a teacher to appreciate the value in the process rather than feeling that the end product was the important part.


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