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The AmmA Centre is a multimedia creative learning centre in the Education Authority (Southern Region), Northern Ireland. It is a centre where digital technology alongside traditional media can be used creatively by organisations and individuals from schools, the youth sector and the community.

The facility will provide opportunities  for individuals and groups to learn skills in:

  • Digital video editing and camera techniques
  • Digital Story Telling
  • Animation
  • Multi-media design
  • Music composition and sound recording

Through the creation of video productions, musical soundtracks, animated films and web pages, new pathways to learning will evolve and thereby enhance and enrich the educational experiences for any individual involved in the process.  The development of skills, creativity and networks has the potential to contribute to individuals’ future education choices, training and employment prospect.


Schools, youth and community groups can avail of the facilities provided by the centre.  These can range from booking of rooms for various uses to hiring of the state of the art recording studio. For further details please contact us.











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