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Film clubs give children and young people the opportunity to watch, discuss and review films, as well as training and online resources to make their own films. This is a fantastic launch pad for introducing young people to film, as well as boosting literacy, critical thinking and filmmaking skills.


  • Apply using the link on the footer of this page.
  • Applications are open throughout the year.
  • For any enquiries please contact Roberta Morton at AmmA on [028] 3751 2920.
  • Upon acceptance into the Film Club you will receive a confirmation email.


Film Club Ages 8 – 16

Watch and discuss the latest movies from the likes of Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece Interstellar, Marvel’s marvellous Guardians of the Galaxy and Disney’s fairytale Frozen as well as many more.

Become a critic, write reviews and enter weekly competitions.

Learn the techniques that the professionals use.

Create Films using a variety of different technologies and enter them into our monthly competition with a chance to win an Into Film goody bag, have your film showcased on the Into Film YouTube channel and be interviewed for the Into Film website.

Meet the stars – Have the chance to meet and interview movie stars from the big screen.

This club is ideal for those that have an interest in film and what to gain an insight as to how films are created as well as learn all about the film industry, all while having fun of course.


The Film Club will run on Saturdays and dates for the upcoming months are as follows:

September 26th – 10am / 1pm
October 24th – 10am / 1pm
November 28th – 10am / 1pm
December 19th – 10am / 2pm
January 30th – 10am / 1pm


Lunch will not be provided and a consent form will need to be signed to allow the young people to leave the building for lunch .


Sign up HERE


Click here to find out more information!


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