AmmA Summer Creative Workshops

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Throughout the Summer AmmA will be running a variety of Summer Workshops, see below for details of each course.

Each course will run from 10:00 a.m.  –  3:00 p.m and cost £5 per day

Successful choices may be limited to one per person – this will depend on the number of applications received.

You will be notified by email or post regarding your application.


REGISTRATION has now closed.


Please contact Roberta on 028 3751 2920 about any queries.



Course Title –  The Collective

A new programme that will bring together a group of 6 young people (age 15 -18).  This group will be selected from a group of applicants who can showcase their experience in original composition and performance.  The group will be given a week in the AmmA Centre’s Recording Studio assisted by the AmmA Sound Engineer.  The aim of the collective is to write, record and release original material online and market it through social media, facebook, soundcloud, regular blogs etc.

Dates:  Monday 1st – Friday 5th July  [5-day workshop]

Number of Places: 6     Age:  15 – 18



Course Title –  iPad Trailers

In this workshop you will come up with an idea for a movie and use an Apple iPad to record video and create a Hollywood style movie trailer.

Dates:  Tuesday 2nd July  [1-day workshop]

Number of Places: 12     Age:  8 – 10



Course Title –  Fun with Robotics

A one-day introductory course on how you can build, experiment and have fun with robots.  You will be using lego with sensors and motors to build your own robot before using a computer to control it.  You will also get the chance to experiment with some other robots and remote control devices!

Dates:  Thursday 4th July  [1-day workshop]

Number of Places: 12     Age:  8 – 10



Course Title –  Drawing on the Imagination

Two days of creative drawing using your imagination to create illustrations.  You will be experimenting with life drawing and creature creations through mark-making, to produce a visual journal working towards a final illustrated piece.  Your work will contribute to our new exciting online art gallery and blog.

Dates:  Monday 8th – Tuesday 9th July  [2-day workshop]

Number of Places: 8     Age:  14+



Course Title –  
Any Old Junk : Stop-Motion Animation

Bring your junk to life in the world of animation.  An introduction to stop motion animation creating scenes using found materials.  No previous experience required – just a creative imagination.

Dates:  Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th July  [2-day workshop]

Number of Places: 8     Age:  14+



Course Title –  Digital Photography & Photoshop

This two-day workshop will give you the fundamental skills that you will need to enhance your Digital Photography skills.  We will be exploring the following topics:- composition, camera setting, experimental techniques and understanding light.  Participants will have the opportunity to enhance their skills and explore just how powerful Photoshop can be.

Dates:  Tuesday 23rd – Wednesday 24th July  [2-day workshop]

Number of Places: 10     Age:  12 – 18



Course Title –  AmmA Film School

For all budding film-makers, AmmA’s Summer Film School is for you.  Join us for two packed days to experience the full film production process from planning to shooting and editing.  Film-makers will get the chance to work as part of a crew to shoot footage and individually to create their own cut of the film.  Perfect for those studying Moving Image Arts and Media Studies.  Must have some film production experience.

Dates:  Wednesday 24th – Thursday 25th July  [2-day workshop]

Number of Places: 8     Age:  14+



Course Title –  Creative Model Making

Use your imagination to design, draw and make your own 3d cartoon characters. Then bring them to life with simple animated moves.

Dates:  Tuesday 30th – Wednesday 31st July  [2-day workshop]

Number of Places: 8     Age:  10 – 12



Course Title –  The Art of the Title – After Effects

Creating titles for film and television is an art form in itself.  Using After Effects you will be creating your own title sequence for an imaginary film or TV programme.  Previous experience in editing/animation essential.

Dates:  Tuesday 30th July – Thursday 1st August  [3-day workshop]

Number of Places: 8     Age:  14+



Course Title –  Photo … Blog … Report

This two-day workshop will explore the skills that are needed when documenting events in the modern age.  With the explosion of blogging and social media reporting, the job title of ‘photographer’ and ‘reporter’ are merging together.  This course will cover many exciting topics such as:- blogging and how to write a successful blog, event photography, developing a professional social media presence and modern day news reporting.

Dates:  Tuesday 6th – Wednesday 7th August  [2-day workshop]

Number of Places: 10     Age:  14 – 18



Course Title –  Sound & Image

Take part in fund art and music workshops to create your own sound recordings and images to make a short advertisement.  No previous experience required – just come along and have a go!

Dates:  Thursday 8th & Friday 9th August  [2-day workshop]

Number of Places: 8     Age:  10 – 12



Course Title –  CoderDojo

AmmA will be running an exciting series of workshops during August as part of our ‘CoderDojo Bootcamp 2013’.  These workshops will be open to CoderDojo participants.

CoderDojo is a technology club for young people that runs fortnightly in AmmA Centre from 12-3 on Saturdays.

To find out more visit, www.ammacentre.org or armaghcoderdojo.eventbrite.com to get involved!

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