AmmA Summer Creative Workshops 2012

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Thank you to everyone who applied for a place on our Summer Creative Workshops, due to overwhelming demand we are unable to accept any more applications. If you have already applied, a letter will be sent out soon regarding your Workshop selection. If you have any further enquiries please contact Roberta Morton in the Centre, tel: 028 3751 2920

Course Title –  iPad Movies

In this workshop you will come up with an idea for a movie and use an Apple iPad to record video and create a Hollywood style movie trailer.

Dates:  Wednesday 4th July 2012 [1-day workshop]

Number of Places: 10     Age:  10+


Course Title –  Photoshop Digital Art

It is likely that nearly every picture you’ve seen on posters, book covers, images in magazines and brochures have either been created or edited in Photoshop.  This is a chance to develop and extend your Photoshop knowledge to create new and exciting digital art that will include working with layers, adjusting colour, adding text, manipulating photographs etc.

This is a beneficial opportunity for those pupils hoping to or currently studying GCSE/A Level Art & Design particularly in the area of graphic design.  No previous experience required.

 Dates:  Thursday 5th – Friday 6th July 2012 [2-day workshop]

Number of Places: 10     Age: 14 – 18


Course Title – Digital Photography

On this two day workshop you will learn the fundamental skills in the field of photography.  Working with images and design techniques to help create stunning effects in Adobe Photoshop is also part of this workshop.  No previous experience required – just an interest in the area of digital photography!

Dates:  Monday 9th – Tuesday 10th July 2012 [2-day workshop]

Number of Places: 10    Age:  14 – 18 

Course Title – Toon Boom

Bring your drawings to life using Toon Boom animation software.  Suitable for those with some animation experience.

Dates:  Monday 16th – Tuesday 17th July 2012 [2-day workshop]

Number of Places: 10        Age:  14+

Course Title –  After Effects

 Do you ever watch TV and films and wonder, “How was that special effect done?” Then this workshop is for you to come and find out, and try it for yourself.  We’ll be using Adobe After Effects along with the AmmA Centre Studio to look at effects and techniques such as motion graphics, advanced green screening and motion tracking.  Ideal for Moving Image Arts students, or those interested in film making.  Must have experience of video editing.

Dates:  Wednesday 18th – Friday 20th July 2012 [3-day workshop]

Number of Places: 12          Age:  15+

Course Title –  Coder DoJo

Martial arts practitioners learn their skills in a karate dojo – programmers learn their skills in a coder dojo.  Aimed at young people with an interest in computers and technology, Coder Do Jo is an exciting new club where you can learn how to code, develop websites, apps, games and more.  Each 2-hour session will offer something new and exciting with an opportunity to meet other like-minded young people.

  Dates: Thursday 9th August [2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m.]*

               Monday 23rd July   [11.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.]*

              Friday 17th August [2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m.]*

Age: 14+ 

Course Title –  Scratch

Scratch is a programming tool that makes it easy to create your own computer games … and share them on the web.  It is designed to help young people learn 21st Century skills.  You can find out more about Scratch on

Dates:  Tuesday 31st July [1-day workshop]

Number of Places: 12     Age: 10 – 12

Course Title –  Sound & Image

Take part in fun art and music workshops to create your own sound recordings and images to be manipulated digitally to make a short film sequence!  No previous experience required – just come along and have a go.

Dates:  Wednesday 1st – Thursday 2nd August [2-day workshop]

Number of Places: 8    Age:  10 – 12

Course Title –  Game Maker

Everyone has played computer games but not everyone understands how computer games are made.  Last year’s top downloaded game was developed by a 14-year old boy from his home!  With lots of free tools on the internet it is very easy to start building your own games.  So, if you are interested in digital art, animation, programming or even working with sounds, our Game Making workshop is for you.  Over 3 days you will be introduced to different kinds of game making.  Working in a team, or on your own, you will plan your own 2D game and design your characters before building it into a working game which you can then share with the world!  Day 4 (9th August) is an optional day for anyone in the group who wants to continue working to perfect their game (there is no charge for this day).

Dates:  Monday 6th – Wednesday 8th August [3-day workshop]

            Thursday 9th August [optional day – no charge]

Number of Places: 10   Age: 12+

Course Title –  Art Works

Join us for 3 mornings of creative art making using your imagination to create our very own AmmA art exhibition in paints, pastels, iPads and more!

Dates:  Monday 6th – Wednesday 8th August [10.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.]*

Number of Places: 10      Age: 10 – 12

Course Title –  iPad Music

More and more musicians are using mobile devices to record, edit and produce original music.  Using some of the most popular apps available for the iPad this 2 day workshop will bring you through the basics of music production on the iPad.  There is no musical experience required for this workshop just an interest in making exciting music that you enjoy.

Dates:  Tuesday 7th – Wednesday 8th August [2-day workshop]

Number of Places: 8   Age:  14+

Course Title –   First Animations

Charlie and Lola!! Creative 2D Animation – bring drawings and cut-outs to life in the world of animation.  This will be an introduction to stop motion animation software.  No previous experience required – just a creative imagination.

Dates:  Tuesday 14th – Wednesday 15th August [2-day workshop]

Number of Places: 10     Age:  11 – 14

Course Title –   App Development

As the saying goes, ‘there’s an app for that!’ Mobile computing has revolutionised technology and apps now exist for nearly anything you can imagine!  With a little bit of knowledge you can make and sell your own apps to the world.  This 3-day workshop is a fun, light-hearted introduction to the world of app building and will teach you how to design and build an app from scratch.

Dates:  Tuesday 14th – Thursday 16th August [2-day workshop]

              Friday 17th August [optional day – no charge]

Number of Places: 10     Age:  14+

Course Title –   The Spielberg Touch

Give your film that ‘Spielberg’ look!  This one-day workshop will focus on post production techniques using Final Cut and After Effects to give your film a professional cinematic look.  You will come up with an idea for a 1-minute short film, shoot it and edit it.

Dates:  Friday 17th August [1-day workshop]

Number of Places: 10                         Age:  15+

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